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"I came, I saw, I conquered"
-Julius Caeser
The Colosseum in Rome
The Colosseum in Rome

Rome had a interesting past. Roman history dated back to 1000B.C. were the Latins settled at Latium along the Tiber River. Then, on 753 B.C., Rome was build by Romulus and Remus, twin brothers who were to have said to have been brought up by a wolf. They later had a battle against each other and Romulus won and named Rome after his name. Romulus built his village on Palatine Hill. At about 600 B.C. the Etruscans seized Rome and "found Rome a village, left it a city". After the Etruscans came the "Romans" that you think of who were formed from a combo of Latins and Etruscans. After that the Roman Republic was formed at around 509B.C. and lasted around 475 years. This was the longest period of government in the Roman Empire.

Rome had many different forms of government. They started off with a monarchy with Romulus. They then switch to a republic that last for 475 years. The republic consisted of the Senate, the Consuls, the Assembly of Centuries, and other groups as well. The Assembly of Tribes was added later to please the common people. After 475 years, the Roman Republic came to an end an the First Triumvirate (rule of 3) was formed. This consisted of Gnaeus Pompey, Marcuss Crassus, and Julius Caesar. Caesar took all the power and was announced that he was dictator by the Senate in 46B.C. Caesar was then killed on March 15, 44B.C. There was then another Triumvirate. Later Augustus (Julius Caesar's son) also took power from a triumvirate and he was the first Roman Imperator. His rule alowed Pax Romana, or Roman Peace. Finally, then an assorted group of emporers followed quick was the down fall of Rome.

Chirstianity had a rocky start in Rome. At first, Roman religion consisted of many gods or goddesses. Then, Jesus came along and founded Christianity. People called him the Messiah, or savior chosen by God. This did not go well with the Romans and Pontius Pilate had him exicuted. Rome then killed off many Christians. Apostles of Jesus went around trying to convince people to worship God and Jesus. Finally, in 312 Emperor Constantine was regarded as the Protector of Christianity. After Constantine Emperor Theodosius made Christianity the official religion of Rome.

Roman soldier fighting an Asian soldier

Roman Terms:

Messiah- A savior chosen by God. For Christianity, this would be Jesus. In the views of the Muslims, the savior would be Muhammad.

Patricians- The wealthy land owners who became the Roman ruling class. The Plebeians did not like the Patricians because they limited the Plebeians rights.

Plebeians- The common people of Rome who were the farmers, the artisans, and merchants. The Plebeians served in the Assembly of Tribes.

Latifundia- Large land estates that dominated farming. (Slaves) On these estates there could be thousands and thousands of slaves growing crops.

Senate- A select group of patricians who served in government for life. (Wealthy) The senate consisted of 300 patricians and they disagreed by saying veto, or I forbid.

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5 Most Important People of the Roman Empire:

1.Romulus- Romulus was the creator of Rome in 753B.C. He was the ruler of Rome because he killed his bother so he became the King.

2.Julius Caesar- He was in the first Triumvirate when he took control of Rome by taking power away from the other two. The Senate then appointed him Dictator for Life. Julius game grain to the poor and reduced unemployment.

3.Commodus- Commodus was known as the Mad Emperor. He ruled from around 180A.D. to 192A.D. He was one of the main reasons that the Roman Empire fell apart.

4.Emperor Theodosius- Theodosius ruled around 392A.D. He made Christianity the official religion of Rome. He later ended the Olypic Games for a while because the games were in honor of a different god.

5. Augustus Caesar- Augustus was the 1st Roman Imperator. He was the son of Julius Caesar and his orignal name was Octavian before the Senate gave him the name Augustus meaning "Exalted One".

Map of Old Europe

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Palace in Rome

The Circus Maximus

The Roman Empire Timeline.

1000BC- The Latins settle at Latium along the Tiber.
753BC- The city of Rome was built by Romulus and Remus.
600BC- Etruscans seized Rome.
509BC- The Roman Republic began.
264BC- The First Punic War began. (Rome vs. Carthage)
60BC- The First Triumvirate was formed.
44BC- Julius Caesar was killed in the Senate on the Ides of March.
31BC- The Roman Empire began.
96AD- Beginning of the Golden Age of Rome.
476AD- The Fall of Rome, where Romulus Augustulus was the last Roman Emperor.