The Birth of Civilization, 5,000 B.C.- 500 B.C.By: Cole and Austin

"If a man destroys the eye of another man, they shall destroy his eye." - Hammurbi

Mesopotamia and its Wonders


Mesopotamia is found in the Fertile Crescent between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. It was considered the Cross-Roads of the World. Mesopotamia was called the "Birth of Civilization" which dated around 5000B.C. Mesopotamia is a Greek term that means, "land between the rivers". It has always been a place of many battles, even today. Mesopotamia is around modern Iraq.

There were many groups that inhabited Mesopotamia. The first group that inhabited Mesopotamia were the Summerians. The main city-state in the Mesopotamia at the time was Ur. The Sumerians had three social classes: the nobles, the commoners, and the slaves. The Sumerians invented cuneiform which was the first system of writing at around 3100B.C. Other groups that inhabited it was the Hitties, who conquered Babylon, the Assyrians who were the first military power and then then the Chaldeans who deafed the Assyrians.

There were many important inventions/ ideas that came from Mesopotamia. Some were relating to law like the Code of Hammurabi. It was the first account of written law. Other inventioins were the stylus, a stick used to right, satapries, which were persian provinces used to keep order and to remain strong, and the alphabet, which was a model for the alphabet we us today. As you can see, without Mesopotamia, the advancements in techonology might have been push back and we might not have the things we enjoy today.

Mesopotamia in the Fertile Crescent

Top Five Famous People in Mesopotamia

1.Hammurabi- Ruled 1792 from 1750B.C. as a Babylonian King. He was the first person to right down laws. The Code of Hammurabi was his main accomplish. It was composed of 282 laws.2.Sargon of Akkad- Sargon founded the 1st empire in history. He was known as the King of Battles because he never lost. (34-0) He ruled from the Persian Gulf to the Med. Sea.
3.King Assurbanipal- Under his rule, the first library was created. The library was called the "Library of Nineveh" and it contained around 22,000 clay tablets
4.Nebuchadnezzar- He was known as "Mad Ox". Nebuchadnezzar was the leader of the Chaldeans around 605B.C. With is army, he defeated the Assyrians and rebuilt Babylon back to its orginal glory.
5.King Croesus- King Croesus was the king of the Lydians at around 560B.C. He was the first to use coins in the world. He face appeared on the coins, along with the saying, "As rich as Croesus".

Walking the steps of a Ziggrat

Five Mesopotamian TermsZiggrat- A Mesopotamian temple for the city god. They were usually around six to seven stories and were the center of the marketplace.
Scribes- Scribes are public writers. They were of high importance. To become a scribe one must go through years of schooling.
Immortals- A group of elite Persian Soldiers that numbered at any given time over 10,000. They were the most feared group at the time.
Magi- Magi were Persian Priests. Magi is also referred to as Magicians. These Magi were in the highest social class, called nobles.
Cuneiform- oldest form of writing in the world that consists of wedge shaped objects. Cuneiform was invented by the Sumerians. It was written on clay tablets.

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Mesopotamia Timeline.

5000BC- Sumerians create the first civilization in history.
3100BC- Sumerians invented Cuneiform(writing).
2000BC- Abraham took followers through the Valley of Palestine.
1800BC- Gilgamesh was written. It was a Sumerian epic poem thought to be the first story.
1792BC- Hammurabi wrote the first code of laws; the Code of Hammurabi.
1550BC- Hitties conquered Babylon.
1200BC- Moses runs from Egypt.
1200BC- Assyrians became the world's first military power.
1025BC- Solomon set up the Kingdom of Israel.
550BC- Persians become the largest empire in the Middle East

Uncovering an Ancient City

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Mesopotamian Cuneiform Tablet