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"For rarely are sons similar to their fathers: most are worse, and a few are better than their fathers."

Parthenon in Greece.
Parthenon in Greece.

The first civilization of Ancient Greece was the Minoan Civilization at around 2700BC. They had a rich culture, based on a sea based trade. Some think that they were killed by invaders, others think that a tital wave wiped them out. After the Minoans, the first Greek city-state came around and it was known as Mycenae. A famous person coming from this area was Homer. He wrote down epics, which is read today by thousands. As you can see, these groups had a big inpact on Ancient Greece culture.

There were two extremely powerful city-states in Ancient Greece: Athens and Sparta. Athens came around 700BC. There government started with kings, but later evolved into a democrary like we know today. Athenian citizens are just male members. Athens intoduced many famous Greek buildings to the rest of the world. Now Sparta, was much different that Athens. The Spartans believed in a strong military state. Boys began training for the military at age 7. Spartan soldiers were called helots. This two city-states were very important in the Persian Wars.

The Persian Wars was a war fought between Greek city-states and Persia. It started when Athens defended Greek city-states in Ionia. This enraged Darius who waged war on the Greeks. Darius was later defeated by the Greeks, and then his son, Xerxes, took over the war effort. Xerxes lost the battle at Plataea, ending the Persian Wars. The Persian Wars lasted approx. 20 years between 499-479B.C.

Top 5 Most Famous People in Greece:

1. Cleisthenes- In 508 BC, Cleisthenes introduced the foundations of Democracy. He was known as the Father of Athenian Democrary. Cleithenes set a model for government countries later in history would follow.

2. Pericles- Pericles was considered the greatest leader of Athens. He build the Parthenon in 447BC in honor of Athena. Some think that it was him taking advantage of the Delian League that led to the Peloponnesian War because that enraged some city-states.

3. Homer- Homer wa a blind Greek poet around 750BC. He was famous for his two epics: The Illiad and the Odyssey. This was important because it listed how Greeks should be. (Brave)

4. Darius I- Darius was the Persian Emperor. He wanted to punish Athens by waging war on them. He started the Persian Wars. The first battle he went into he faced the Athenians who were outnumbered by 20,000 and the Athenians won.

5. King Leonidas- King Leonidas was one of the greates Spartan General. He lead the brave 300 Spartans in a battle where they were outnumbered by over 100,000. They fought at took out many Perians before being betrayed and killed.

Map of Greece and surrounding states.

5 Ancient Greece Terms:

Epic Poem- A large poem that tells the deeds of a great hero. The Odysssey is about the hero Odyssey and the Illiad is about Achilles.

Tyrants- Rulers who seized power by force from the aristocrats. Tyrants usually are usually seen as the bad people in a situation but they can be helpers of the poor.

Arete- Excellence won in struggle or contest. This contest is usually a physical contest such as a battle to the death.

Trireme- An Athenian Battleship used to defeat the Persians. The Trireme was cutting edge technology at the time. The Triremes were very fast and that gave them the edge.

Ephors- 5 yearly elected men that are responsible for the education of the youth and the conduct of all the citizens. They run the day to day government.

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Ancient Greek statue.
Athens vs. Sparta in the Persian war.

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Greek military helmet.

Ancient Greek Timeline.

2000BC- Minoan Civilization became first Greek civilization.
1600BC- Mycenaean Civilization began.
1400BC- Minoan Civilization collapsed.
1250BC- Trojan War believed to have started.
1100BC- Dark Age begins.
776BC- First Olympic Games held in honor of Zeus.
750BC- Homer writes the Illiad and the Odyssey.
650BC- Tyranny begins in Greece.
508BC- Athens become the world's first Democratic Government. Founded by Cleisthenes.
492BC- Persian Wars began.